Online Banner Advertisement in MISIF Website

We wish to inform that advertisement opportunities are now available in the MISIF website via placement of banner advertisement. You will now have easier access to the contents in line with the changing social media trends and business needs.

MISIF website had since attracted 71,127 visitors with a total of 314,733 views. We are confident that great content of daily postings of steel industry news and regular announcements on market developments and latest policies are the cornerstone of increasing traffic to MISIF website.

We are offering a discounted rates up to 30% discount for 3 years package for your consideration.

The Advertisement Category and Space Available

Ad Categories1 year2 years3 yearsSpace Available
Leaderboard 1      3,500    5,600     7,3501
Leaderboard 2      3,000    4,800     6,3005
Spotlight Ad      3,500    5,600     7,3502
Skyscrapper 1      2,500    4,000     5,250
Skyscrapper 2      2,000    3,200     4,2003
Profile Image*      1,800    2,880     3,780 
* free artwork creation    (first come, first serve)

The MISIF website advertisement rates/booking form is attached for your consideration. Should you need further assistance, please contact Cik Norlian of the MISIF Secretariat at 603-55133970.