MISIF’s Mission

MISIF’s primary mission is to assist and support members in carrying out their business efficiently and successfully.

To achieve this, we undertake various strategic activities to ensure a progressive and conducive industry for the betterment of Malaysian iron and steel players. Among our scope of mandated activities, the most important ones include:

  1. Compilation of Malaysian iron and steel industry statistics. We collect and compile critical industry statistics at the national level to support strategic development of the Malaysian iron and steel industry.
  2. Advisory to government bodies with respect to industry policy and development. We advise on industry policy and development based on insights from our research and analysis.
  3. Facilitation resolution of trade dispute and trade-related issues. We support members in our government engagements with respect to import-export of iron and steel products.
  4. Facilitation of industry networking and stakeholder engagement activities. We help members connect with industry stakeholders domestically and overseas.
  5. Dissemination of industry knowledge through global outreach. We connect and work with established steel bodies at the global level, including the World Steel Association, to advance industry knowledge.
  6. Promotion of Malaysian iron and steel through trade. We organize trade conferences and trade expos annually to promote Malaysian iron and steel products.
  7. Upskilling industry workforce through knowledge and training activities. We organize government-sanctioned knowledge sharing sessions and training workshops for industry’s participation.
  8. Safeguarding the interest of the Malaysian industry for fair and lawful trade. We actively engage with relevant government bodies, associations, players, and stakeholders in advocacy of fair and lawful trade.
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