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Watermarks Certification (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd - Watermarks Certification (Malaysia) Sdn. Bhd. is a third-party Certification Body (CB) offering Product Certification Scheme. We are incorporated in Malaysia on 12 December 2018. Watermarks have been accredited by Department… Continue Reading
Bahru Stainless Sdn Bhd - BAHRU STAINLESS SDN BHD was officially announced in March 2008 as the newest stainless steel production facility of the ACERINOX S.A. Group of companies headquartered in Madrid, Spain. The facilities… Continue Reading

Industry Insights

Malaysia’s Apparent Steel Consumption On Track to Surpass 12 million MT by 2025 - WorldSteel's latest projection on Malaysia's ASC indicates that the nation is on track to achieve 12.4 million MT by 2025. Continue Reading

Steel Growth in South East Asia Slated as One of the Best in the World - With an apparent steel use (ASU) per capita of just 130kg--the third-lowest in the world--and a population size of about 640 million people, South East Asia has become an attractive… Continue Reading

ASEAN is Malaysia’s Single Largest Export Destination for Iron and Steel Products - Malaysia exports nearly 30% of its iron and steel products to its ASEAN neighbours, which is Malaysia's largest single export destination if ASEAN were a country. Continue Reading

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    The next steelTalks will be held on 22 September from 13.00. Two speakers from the Boston Consulting Group will discuss how…
  • Release date: August 2021 steel production data
    worldsteel plans to issue its August 2021 crude steel production press release and related data on Thursday, 23 September.-- Delivered…
  • What makes 3rd generation AHSS grades so unique?
    How have advanced high-strength steels (AHSS) evolved? What is their added value? What role will they play in autonomous electric…