Steel Growth in South East Asia Slated as One of the Best in the World

With an apparent steel use (ASU) per capita of just 130kg–the third-lowest in the world–and a population size of about 640 million people, South East Asia has become an attractive steel investment destination.

The following table compares the ASU per capita of 10 regions against the global average:

RegionASU per Capita (kg)
European Union (28)319
North America287
Middle East217
Commonwealth of Independent States199
South East Asia130
Central and South America83

Source: World Steel Association, SEAISI
* Asia figures include South East Asia.

South East Asia, Central and South America, and Africa regions have the lowest ASU per capita in the world (and subsequently, the highest opportunities for steel growth). Although ASU per capita the latter two are significantly lower than South East Asia, South East Asia’s more progressive socioeconomic prospects propels it ahead of the competition.

More statistical insights into Malaysia’s iron and steel industry like the above can be obtained in MISIF’s industry status and outlook reports.