2020 Joint MISIF/NI/IMOA Webinar #4: Plumbing Material Options For 21st Century Water Systems

Date: 7 October 2020 & 3 November 2020
Platform: Online via Zoom

The webinar is split into three separate but interrelated modules: Firstly, Dr. David Nicholas introduced stainless steel’s general use in the water Industry, including a comparison with competitive materials and the benefits of investing in a material with proven longevity.

Mr. Kim Burton will review the history of connections made from the Premises to the water Utility mains vis the meter and the drawbacks of many of the materials used to date. He will show the benefits of using stainless steel in the form of stainless partially corrugated water tube (SPCT) and show examples where this has been successfully used, particularly in Tokyo.

Dr. David Nicholas finished the session with a presentation on the use of stainless steel within building plumbing systems, a role which is rapidly expanding.

The webinar session was attended by 40 participants and presented by Dr. David Nicholas (Principal of Nicholas Corrosion Pty Ltd.) and Mr. Kim Burton (Burton Consulting Services), both are Nickel Institute (NI) Consultant.