2020 Joint MISIF/NI/IMOA Webinar #2: Stainless Steels Finishes and Their Applications

Date: 21 July 2020
Platform: Online via Zoom

Mention stainless steel and designers and architects immediately think about excellent corrosion resistance but also of bright reflections or plainer dulled surfaces. The variety of finishes ranges from mirror through abraded to blasted or profiled or coloured and the property differences of applications are substantial. This webinar is all about surfaces with examples of applications including consideration of:
– The inherent differences between cold and hot rolled surfaces
– The move from rolled to cut or abraded or blasted surfaces 
– How thickness and surface roughness may be important
– Profiled surfaces and how that changes properties such as reflectance, cleanability, corrosion resistance, strength, slip resistance, etc
– Properties that surface processing does not change
– Coatings and what effect they have on appearance, durability and other properties
– Colour and its stability
– Reconciling the standard appearances of different product forms
– A brief mention of chemical treatments and their limitations

The webinar session was attended by 68 participants and presented by Dr Graham Sussex, Technical Specialist and NI Consultant.