C15-2021 Official MISIF WhatApps Group for Member

In view of the criticalness and timeliness of information circulation due to the instantaneous total lockdown MCO 3.0 announcement last Friday, the Council has agreed to set up a WhatApps group as an official channel to disseminate official information/announcements by the government. The channel is also set up for the sole purpose of championing the Malaysian Iron and Steel industry.

This is also to avoid members being confused by unofficial/fake news that might be circulating around after the total lockdown announcement.

As a result, I would like to invite all MISIF members to join our WhatApps channel to observe official information shared on the platform.  

*Please contact me via my WhatApps number 017-3008506, and I shall assist in enrolling you on the channel.

Thank you for your attention, and stay safe!