C06/2020: MISIF Secretariat Office Closed During Movement Control Order (MCO)

In accordance with the latest government’s movement control order which was announced yesterday under the Prevention and Control Infectious Diseases Act 1988 and the Police Act 1976, the MISIF would like to notify to all its members about the essential information from the official site to seek clarification in responding to their business operations.

In reference to the full text of the PM’s Movement Control Order, members could contact the National Operation Management Center at their hotline 03-8888 2010 to seek enquiry solely about the Movement Control Order.

Secondly, the Secretariat’s office and its fixed line will be temporary idle to comply with the order. Nonetheless, all Secretariat’s staff are available during these times and can be contacted via their email as given below:

  1. Norlian (norlian@misif.org.my )
  2. Rahana (rahanamustaffa@misif.org.my)
  3. Ng Mor Kiang (ng.morkiang@misif.org.my)
  4. Vincent Choong (vincent@misif.org.my)

Last but not least, the MISIF wishes all its members to be safe and vigilant in this outbreak.