C05-2022 Malaysia Steel Institute (MSI) – HRD Corp Claimable Training Programme for MISIF Members

We wish to refer to the follow up Meeting on Review of Future Direction and Function of Malaysia Steel Institute (MSI) held on 15 February 2022, MISIF has agreed to the proposal for upstream and mid-stream companies of MISIF members to allocate 50% of their HRD levy for MSI to conduct training programmes based on industry needs.

In order to ensure the training is meeting the industry requirements, MSI would like to request a list of participating companies of MISIF members from upstream and midstream sectors to coordinate a briefing session in April 2022 with Human Resource Managers to identify training needs, number of employees and their annual contribution to HRD Corp.

As such, we seek your kind cooperation and assistance to provide your company details by filling up the template attached – Appendix II (Information by Participating Company). The completed template can be email to norlian@misif.org.my, preferably before 28th March 2022 (Monday) for our further actions.