C02/2020: List of Technical Training Needs of the Iron and Steel Industry

We wish to inform that the Human Resource Development Fund (HRDF) has established Sectorial Training Committees (STCs) which have been tasked to provide several essential industry inputs such as skill requirements, skill gaps, training needs/programmes, future skill requirements, among other matters. MISIF is participating in the Sectorial Training Committee (STC) for Mineral-based Products. MISIF has been accorded due recognition by HRDF with the appointment of Dato’ Lawrence Lim, MISIF Vice-President III and Chairman of the MISIF Human Resource Development Committee, as the Chairman of this STC.

The STC’s first important task is to compile a list of technical training needs of the iron and steel industry. This information-gathering exercise is required to update and collate a list of technical skills that will serve as the database of technical skills crucial for the iron and steel industry.

Identification of technical skills and their training needs that correspond with the advancement of technology, system and processes would form the basis for the authorities and the industry to work together to formulate appropriate training courses and programmes that matches industry’s human capital demand and expectations. The on-going exercise provides an excellent opportunity for members to participate and provide the necessary inputs towards this end. As such, we urge you to give due attention on this matter. You may wish to refer to your respective senior human resource personnel on the same. We also enclose a sample of the form duly completed, courtesy of Ann Joo Steel Berhad to facilitate your better understanding and provision of the details required. We seek your kind cooperation and assistance to provide your proposed/planned training program in 2020 for HRDF’s consideration as HRDF Claimable Training (if any) and return by fax to 03-55133891 or email to norlian@misif.org.my, preferably before 5th February 2020 (Wednesday) for our further action.