2022 Joint MISIF/NI/IMOA Webinar #2: Corrosion Resistance Of Nickel Alloys

MISIF, Nickel Institute and International Molybdenum Association jointly organized a webinar titled “Corrosion Resistance Of Nickel Alloys” on 21 July 2022.

The webinar session was conducted by Mr. Gary Coates, P.Eng, Technical Manager for the Nickel Institute, Toronto, Canada. He has worked in the stainless steel and nickel alloys industry for 45 years, the last 21 with the Nickel Institute. Corrosion and welding are his two favourite subjects. While both are heavily science oriented, selecting the proper alloy often involves asking many questions, so can be more of an “art” than a science.

Nickel alloys are typically used in extreme conditions, so it is important to ensure that the chosen alloy is suitable for the specific environment.  There are 5 main families of corrosion-resistant nickel alloys. With some of them, the presence of even a small amount of a contaminant can change their corrosion resistance from highly suitable to terrible.  The presentation highlighted the general corrosion properties of the materials, their strengths and weaknesses, how to ensure high quality when ordered, and some key tips about what to be careful with during fabrication and welding.

A total of 42 participants joined the webinar session from various steel related companies.