2021 Joint MISIF/NI/IMOA Webinar #1: Stainless Steels In Aqueous Environments

MISIF, Nickel Institute and International Molybdenum Association jointly organized a webinar titled “Stainless Steels In Aqueous Environments” on 24th March 2021.

The webinar session was conducted by Dr. David Nicholas, Nickel Institute Consultant; Principal of Nicholas corrosion Pty Ltd.

The webinar session was designed to provide participants with the basics for understanding the usage of stainless steels and trying to promote wider applications for stainless steels as a material. A total of 58 participants, including Dr. David Nicholas (speaker) and Mr. Juerg (coordinator) joined the webinar session from various steel related companies.

The webinar was split into three separate but interrelated modules:

  • Introduction – Basics of aqueous corrosion, introduction of stainless steel, grades of stainless for immersing service, competitive materials.
  • Water & Wastewater Treatment And Reticulation – examples and case studies of plant construction from stainless including pipework.
  • Stainless Steel In Buildings – includes SPCT main to meter, buildings and build storage tanks with comparison to competitive materials, pipe-works in high-rise buildings.