2021 Joint MISIF/NI/IMOA Webinar #4: Advanced Specification Of Stainless Steel Finishes

MISIF, Nickel Institute and International Molybdenum Association jointly organized a webinar titled “Advanced Specification Of Stainless Steel Finishes” on 14th July 2021.

The webinar session was conducted by Ms. Catherine Houska, President of Catherine Houska Consulting LLC in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She is an internationally recognized expert on architectural metals, speaker and author of over 200 publications.

The webinar presentation provides an overview of the factors that affect finish appearance and their specification with a particular focus on the mechanical and colored finishes that are not covered by international standards. It also provides an overview of these finishes and factors that should be considered during finish selection, including the suitability of different finishes for various types of applications. Since finish durability is dependent on the selection of an appropriate stainless steel alloy for the application environment, there will be a brief review of alloy selection guidance.

A total of 62 participants joined the webinar session from various steel related companies.