2021 Joint MISIF/NI/IMOA Webinar #3: Heat Exchangers For Process And Hygienic Industries

MISIF, Nickel Institute and International Molybdenum Association jointly organized a webinar titled “Heat Exchangers For Process And Hygienic Industries” on 24th June 2021.

The webinar session was conducted by Dr. Graham Sussex, Technical Specialist and Nickel Institute Consultant.

The webinar session gives some basics about Heat exchangers can be tiny or large but they all transfer heat across a boundary rather than direct injection of hot fluids. They are used in chemical, process and food industries and the multiple designs reflect the particular requirements of those industries. Fouling of the transfer surfaces and thermal conductivity are important but the ability to fabricate and clean surfaces must be considered.

The webinar concentrates on stainless steels examples but mentions other CRAs such as CuNi and titanium.

A total of 50 participants, including Dr. Graham Sussex (speaker) and Mr. Juerg (coordinator) joined the webinar session from various steel related companies.