Petra Fabricators Sdn Bhd

Products Manufactured:
  • Pressure vessels
  • Storage tanks
  • Skid package
  • Scrapper/pig launcher & receiver
  • Pipe spool
  • Fired heaters
  • Expantion joints
  • Strainer and manufacture of heat transfer equipment such as Shell and Tube exchanger
  • Air cooled heat exchanger
  • Double pipe type heat exchanger
  • Multitube type heat exchanger

Quality Standards:
Please inquire

Business Address:
Petra Fabricators Sdn Bhd
Lot 58, Jalan Utas 15/7, Kawasan Perusahaan Seksyen 15, 4000 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

+603-5511 2000

+603-5511 2266



Sales Contact:
Mr. Ng Teik Heng
General Manager

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