Affiliate Member

Any company, partnership, sole proprietor which is not engaged in the manufacture of iron and steel products, but have businesses related to the iron and steel industry, shall be eligible for affiliate membership.

Affiliate member have no voting rights in MISIF and that the MISIF Council reserves the right to review the category of companies and criteria for membership from time to time.

Entrance Fee and Subscription
An Entrance Fee of RM500.00 and an Annual Subscription (payable in advance) of RM2,000 will be levied.

Procedure for Application
Applications for membership should be made by completing the application form below and submitting it to the:

Malaysian Iron & Steel Industry Federation
28E & 30E, 5th Floor, Block 2, Worldwide Business Park , Jalan Tinju 13/50
Section 13, 40675 Shah Alam, Selangor, Malaysia

and including:

  1. A crossed cheque for payment of annual subscription and entrance fee in favour of “MALAYSIAN IRON & STEEL INDUSTRY FEDERATION”
  2. A copy of certification of incorporation of company or business registration form.
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